Get Happy: Day Twenty-Six

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

26. Don’t play the blame game.

You’re better than that. You don’t have to blame others for every little thing that happens to you. Own it. Own your mistakes, your strengths, your person. You are who you are, imperfect and unique.

When you take responsibility for your own life, you can achieve your goals. If you let others run your life, you are achieving their goals, and you will always see yourself falling short of some ideal that doesn’t fit you. That is not living your life to the fullest extent.

It won’t be easy. There will be obstacles unique to you that you must overcome. It is not anyone else’s fault if you stumble and fall. Accept your role in achieving your dreams. Accept the successes and failures. Learn from it and move on. Pausing to lay blame causes regret, heartache, and stress. You don’t need that.

Hold yourself to a higher standard. Go farther than anyone expects. Be accountable, responsible, to yourself.


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