Get Happy: Day Twenty-Five

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we will talk about our Feelings.

25. It’s Okay To Cry

Emotions get in the way, feelings get hurt, we fall down, and we need to cry. Allow yourself time to cry, to deal with emotional baggage, to forgive, to love, to talk to yourself about letting go of old memories, regrets, and wounds.

Talk to those who can help. Be honest with yourself, with them, and be open. Pick a good listener who will sit quietly and offer you tissues and tea.

Remember when we said sometimes we stand in our own way? Here is an example. Let the feelings out.

Don’t pretend to be strong all the time. This is a break from doing the same thing all the time, cry. Once you cry it out and empty yourself, you will have the ability to fill yourself up again. Then you can really BE strong.


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