Small Moments of Daily Happiness

New Year’s Wishes

neil-gaiman-cartoon NewYearNeilGaimanQuoteGoals for 2015: Dream Dangerously, Live Life Fully Engaged, and Make Something That Didn’t Exist Before by Searching For Inspiration and Making Memories and Moments Happen.

Whether it is dreams of travel, creativity, or peace and harmony, or love, see the biggest picture you can imagine and then take the smallest step.

Be creative. Think outside the box.

Be aware, intuitive, and alert. Capture the small moments and big ones in your memory and in your journals. 🙂

Get Happy: Day Thirty

In this series, we have explored finite ways you can achieve personal happiness. I hope you have enjoyed this series.

30. Be Thankful

We talked about counting your blessings. You really will be happy if you focus on what you already have. You didn’t wake up in the street. You didn’t miss a few meals. You chose what you were going to wear. You had a hot shower. You told your partner or your children you loved them. You patted your dog on the head. You grabbed your keys and your coffee and you drove to work unharmed.

These are just a few examples of things you might have to be thankful for. Don’t reserve your thankfulness for Thanksgiving. Be thankful every day and stop taking things for granted.

You are so awesome right now. You have a plan for your goals. You have friends who love you. You have no regrets. You appreciate the small things. You work hard, play hard, and love yourself. Everyone wants to be you. You would give the shirt off your back to someone who needs it.

Are you happy?


(Thanks to 30 Things To Start Doing and Stop Doing for being my inspiration and guide.)

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

29. Believe You Can

It really is that simple. Gymnasts envision a perfect routine. Does it work? Not always, but if they hadn’t believed it, they wouldn’t have tried it.

Believe that you can achieve your goal. Develop overpowering positive thoughts to conquer the negative ones. “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

You can control how you react to things. Everyone has good and bad moments in their lives. How happy you are overall depends on what you focus on. Choose to be positive, overcome, evaluate, learn, and grow.

Wake up every morning thinking that something positive will happen; you get to see a friend, have a solid hour to yourself, cook your favorite meal, or have time to take a much needed walk. It will help you count your blessings at the end of the day if you already have a positive focus.

Believing in yourself is half of the next step. Knowing you can do it gives you the confidence to go for it. Don’t be afraid to try. You will find out just how much effort it will take to get there. Some things come easier than others, but nothing comes to you without being open to receive it. Believe you can.

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we will talk about Worry.

28. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Check yourself, “Will this matter in a year’s time? In a few years?” If the answer is No, then stop worrying about it. Concentrate your energies on things you CAN control.

What has gotten you all worked up? Is it something you can do anything about? Do it. Is it something you can’t control? Is there an aspect of it that will ease the burden?

Do what you can to make the situation better and easier. If it involves helping someone, help if they accept it. If it means you need to cushion the blow from yourself, do it.

You will be happier for having done something than for letting things happen. You can at least try.

If the reason for your worry is completely out of your control and there is nothing you can do, then why are you worrying about it? You are just causing yourself undue anguish. Refocus on things you can control.

The Present is where you are living.

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

27. Tell People How Much You Love Them

Actively share with others how much you appreciate them; those that you honestly, really do love. It’s better to have a few really close friends, than a crowd of acquaintances who barely know you. These are the people you can cry to, ask for honest opinions, share your goals with, share your successes with, and make perfect moments.

When you show your appreciation, they will most likely be inspired to show their appreciation back.

Conversely, you don’t have to be everything to everyone. Sometimes we have to give tough love. Our friends can be too needy. Knowing when to say no to invitations, to pleas for help, and to offers of assistance is a big part of taking responsibility for your life. You will be much happier when you have some time to yourself.

You can also show people you love them, but again, don’t go overboard. You don’t have to provide for someone’s every need to be a good friend. Think about what you need from a friend, and give that much. Share a smile, tell them you love their outfit, invite them to lunch, or plan a night out. Be there if they need you, and be distant if they need space. The same goes for you. Tell them if you need space, of if you need a shoulder to cry on. Thank them.

You will feel pleased, loved, and happy.

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

26. Don’t play the blame game.

You’re better than that. You don’t have to blame others for every little thing that happens to you. Own it. Own your mistakes, your strengths, your person. You are who you are, imperfect and unique.

When you take responsibility for your own life, you can achieve your goals. If you let others run your life, you are achieving their goals, and you will always see yourself falling short of some ideal that doesn’t fit you. That is not living your life to the fullest extent.

It won’t be easy. There will be obstacles unique to you that you must overcome. It is not anyone else’s fault if you stumble and fall. Accept your role in achieving your dreams. Accept the successes and failures. Learn from it and move on. Pausing to lay blame causes regret, heartache, and stress. You don’t need that.

Hold yourself to a higher standard. Go farther than anyone expects. Be accountable, responsible, to yourself.

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we will talk about our Feelings.

25. It’s Okay To Cry

Emotions get in the way, feelings get hurt, we fall down, and we need to cry. Allow yourself time to cry, to deal with emotional baggage, to forgive, to love, to talk to yourself about letting go of old memories, regrets, and wounds.

Talk to those who can help. Be honest with yourself, with them, and be open. Pick a good listener who will sit quietly and offer you tissues and tea.

Remember when we said sometimes we stand in our own way? Here is an example. Let the feelings out.

Don’t pretend to be strong all the time. This is a break from doing the same thing all the time, cry. Once you cry it out and empty yourself, you will have the ability to fill yourself up again. Then you can really BE strong.