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Get Happy: Day Two

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we explore our problems.

Often we feel defeated and whiny and complain “but I am not good enough, big enough, strong enough to take on this problem”. This is often a lying to ourselves. There is always something we can do, even if it is a small baby step.

2. Face Your Problems Head-On

Whether it is a relationship (see the previous post) or a work problem, or a personal problem, running away from it and hiding is not the best solution. Problems do not disappear on their own. Maybe some time will heal some broken hearts, but time will not solve everything. You have to take action. Don’t be afraid to act. Your problems do not define you.

Let me say that again.

Your problems do not define you.

How you react to them and recover from them defines you. Write down the problem and brainstorm solutions. Think about aspects of the problem, who is involved, what is really at stake. Maybe there is another angle from which to attack it. Will it be a problem in one year? In 5 or 10? Is it worth losing sleep, time, or money over?

Do what you can, even if it seems small. Some problems need documentation. Proof. State your case, back it up. Cover your assets. Get others involved if necessary.

You are bigger and better than the sum of your problems.