Small Moments of Daily Happiness

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Sept. 16, 2010


Was lost,

wandering in the muck,


looking at myself,



I feel much better.


I drove, got out,


and found myself feeling


Aug. 3, 2010


Sweet and juicy

running down your chin


Red and cold

Sharing with a friend


wedges sliced

eat down to the rind


empty shell

No red left behind!

Well this plate has some red left, maybe the owner isn’t finished.. Today is National Watermelon Day. (And also chocolate chip day. They have a Day for everything!) So if you can, go get some watermelon and celebrate! It is one of my favorite fruits. Not only is it sweet and juicy and delicious, it is a social gathering fruit, meaning, it’s so big you need to share it with friends! It’s popular at my family gatherings, one fruit goes a long way. Do you like watermelon? Or have watermelon memories? Share them with me!

Aug. 2, 2010

The moon. I’m posting late tonight, trying to get tired so I don’t just lie awake in bed.

I’m sure the moon is out there,

Just like you my love.

Shining bright, an eye watching over me.

Guiding me like the tides,

Closer to you with every beat of my heart.

The stars sing my heartsong

In mighty chorus, a host of angels.

Every night I smile at the moon

Wondering if you are smiling too.

Aug. 1, 2010


Yellow faces

touch the sky

a mile high.


tall but shy

looking at the sky

never to spy

an admirer walking by.

Yes, there is a bee busily collecting nectar and spreading pollen around the sunflower’s clock-face. Everything has a job, a purpose, a place in this world. Even the stinging creatures.

July 15, 2010

Morning Fog

The other morning as the sun burned off the fog, I snapped a few pictures. The fog is but a memory of the downpour we had the day and night before; a shadow of the moisture that soaked us.

I love the rain. I sleep better when the rain is pattering and the thunder is soft and rumbly. This summer it is hot enough to swim, and rainy often enough to make my tomatoes and flowers happy. (I still water them daily.)

So here’s my ode to the rain:


Falling softly

Pitter patter



Falling quickly

Pouring buckets



Stops Suddenly

Parting Clouds


July 8

A recap of my happy moments today.

Humid sticky heat

Blueberries sweet

Inside in the air conditioning

I made a friend.

Ice Cream moustaches

Yard sale caches

Inside pricing items

High hopes ’til the end.