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Get Happy: Day Four

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we will talk about Priorities.

4. Put Your Needs Higher On The List

I know some of you may be caring for someone else that truly is helpless and needs you. Newborns, those with disabilities, even needy pets can take special care from people and may have priority when it comes to time and energy. Still, you can take small breaks and ‘smell the roses’. Journal those little things that make you smile: precious moments, relaxing baths, a picnic lunch, or movie date. Count your blessings, even if it was seeing a hummingbird drink from your feeder for the first time.

Put your needs in the front of your mind instead of the back. Give yourself a pedicure. Eat your favorite food. Treat yourself with something that makes you feel good. No one will treat you as well as you treat yourself. Gift yourself to yourself, give back to your well being.

Most importantly, caring for yourself makes you more capable of caring for others. If you are stressed, burnt out, upset, or sick, you can’t give 100% to those you love. You might snap instead of support.

If your passion is caring for others, do it! Just remember yourself, too.