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July 27, 2010

Ah, pancakes.

Just the smell of the hot griddle makes me drool!

Syrupy sweet, fluffy, buttery, pats of dough a golden brown.. *sigh*

When I was little, my Grandma would only make pancakes on Saturdays, even if we arrived earlier in the week. They made Saturday the best day of the visit! It was worth getting up and grabbing a spot at the table before the cousins got it all sticky.

Warm, gooey, quick and easy, pancakes can be made with berries, chocolate chips, cinnamon, bananas, and almost anything that you wish. Flapjacks, Stacks, Hot Cakes, or Pancakes, no matter how you say it, they provide the basis to any good and filling breakfast. What’s not to love?

July 15, 2010

Morning Fog

The other morning as the sun burned off the fog, I snapped a few pictures. The fog is but a memory of the downpour we had the day and night before; a shadow of the moisture that soaked us.

I love the rain. I sleep better when the rain is pattering and the thunder is soft and rumbly. This summer it is hot enough to swim, and rainy often enough to make my tomatoes and flowers happy. (I still water them daily.)

So here’s my ode to the rain:


Falling softly

Pitter patter



Falling quickly

Pouring buckets



Stops Suddenly

Parting Clouds