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Tweeting is A Lonely Hobby

Have you ever played with ‘That can Be My Next Tweet’? Google it if you tweet and you haven’t.

I just got this jumbled up mess of my recent tweets:
Hurray! it’s all gone. Saddest week of wasting gas 2drive 2 wks of my blog post and I’m THAT busy!

I think it really sums up what my life has been for the past few months.

But this blog is not to promote sadness, rather to seek happiness.
This month is Thanksgiving, where we celebrate and count our blessings in America. I am thankful for water and heat (both things we had to fix in our house), shelter, my dog (who loves me no matter what), my family, and most of all my husband and sons.

When you are feeling lonely, what do you do?
Some people find someone, anyone, to talk to. Some people need to just sit and feel it to get it over with. Others dive into a movie with a tub of ice cream or a warm cup of tea or cocoa. Still others go to Postsecret or failblog or some other website with funny content that will cheer them up if only temporarily. They say smiling releases endorphins in your brain that make you happier. Some volunteer with people in a worse rut than they are.

We all face it, feel it, and get past it. It’s just a matter of how long we spend in each stage.