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Small Steps to A Happier You

I read 10 Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science and I agree. Not just because there are studies done, but because of personal experience.

1. Exercise

2. Sleep

3. Move closer to work

4. Spend Time With Friends and Family

5. Go Outside

6. Help others

7. Practice Smiling

8. Plan a trip – but don’t take one

9. Meditate

10. Practice gratitude.

My thoughts on each one:

1. Exercise relieves stress, and when I work off some energy, I feel better for having done it. Plus, the monotony of repeated movements can free your mind, like when jogging, to think about things. All the added oxygenated blood can’t hurt. Plus, you know you helped your body and are getting or staying in shape. Your confidence soars.

2. Sleep is good. Sleep helps your body heal. Sleep puts distance and time between you and your troubles. Sleep can help you figure out how to solve your problems, giving you a fresh start on them the next day.

3. I have a long commute. I kind of like it when I am thinking. It allows me process, debrief from the day while alone in my car. Sometimes I sing loudly. But some days it is a long drive. I can see both advantages and disadvantages.

4. Don’t regret not doing things with people. Make dinner dates, go to movies or concerts, and you will feel less alone. Sometimes talking to a friend puts your problems in perspective.

5. While sometimes the weather is inconvenient for this, I find the outdoors relaxing. Take a moment to watch a butterfly, firefly, or bird in flight. Stare at ripples in a lake. Put your feet in sand. Taking a moment to enjoy nature slows down the frantic clock of rush, rush, rush and the stress that comes with it.

6. This is also about connectedness. (And it goes along with number 10.) Do something to help someone else, even something small. They might thank you, give you a smile, lift your spirits, or help you back.

7. Real smiles are better for everyone.

8. Plan lots of things; breaks, trips, vacations, mini dates. While big vacations can be stressful, remember that life both goes on while you are gone, and will be the same when you get back. I find planning integral in stress relief because it is organizing and seeing how to tackle problems.

9. Meditation is like prayer for me. You think about, say, point out all the things that bother you, and then let them go.

10. Not taking everything for granted like a spoiled child will improve your outlook on life. It will make people happy to hear thank you more often. You will appreciate the small things you have. You will realize that you have it pretty good, after all.

New Year’s Cleansing

A time of re-evaluation is upon us. It’s the start of a new year. Nothing makes me feel better than cleaning out a closet or cupboard full of crap collecting dust and feeling more organized and free. 🙂

I have been cleaning up the crevaces in my house, but what about myself? I have to confess that I’ve been feeling like a friend is mad at me. The best thing to do is to send off a note of apology or confession.

The feelings of organization, being on top of things, or the lightness after a burden is lifted are very similar.

What about you? What makes you feel renewed?

Ignorance Is Bliss

I’ve been involved in an argument this week.

The kind of argument that will never be resolved.

Because you are FOR one thing, you are automatically AGAINST another, never half and half. If you choose to listen to both sides, even respect them for what they are, but do nothing, you are taking an apathetic path and are more ignorant than the one who takes a side. If you refuse to get involved you are most ignorant of all.

And the most blissfully happy.

So is it worth the fight?

Not if it means you lose your self-respect. In this case, I gained some. With the acquisition of a backbone came some pride. Yeah, I might trip and fall over my big head, but I shall laugh at myself and enjoy the ride.

Dog Days

Usually those hot, humid summer days where you want to do nothing but lay on a block of ice until it melts are called the Dog Days of summer.

Sleepy dog: 'Ceasar'


And though fall is my favorite time of year, and these temperate afternoons are beautiful weather for outdoor chores, while the chilly mornings are perfect for indoor fires, I’m feeling some Dog Day doldrums.

It turns out, I just haven’t been taking care of myself, emotionally. It sounds whiny, but without the motivation to escape from the role of mother, I’ve dropped below the level where stopping to smell the roses, taking pictures of my dog, or even an hour of watching tv shows only I enjoy can pick me up. Because I regularly insert moments like these into my life, and I still feel depressed, I can safely say that I need a real vacation from everything. No more distractions, no more mothering, no more whiling away hours at the computer; what I need is a job. Ha! A job would bring purpose to my life and get me away from the slovenly and boring lifestyle that I’ve adapted. Even when I’m researching and interacting online, or cleaning house and being Mom, I am still not happy.

What do you do when you need a big change to break up the monotony?

Sept. 20, 2010

Good news!

I finally have good things happening in my life again! Most importantly, I’m seeing stars..5 of them! I published a free ebook of poetry on smashwords, and it was rated by others a full 5 stars! I don’t know if that’s one person, or many, but the praise feels good no matter how many loved it.

Would you like to help spread some joy in my life? Download my ebook! Rate me some stars! 5 are not necessary, but what you feel it deserves.

This small achievement, receiving praise from someone else, has made my day!

Sept. 16, 2010


Was lost,

wandering in the muck,


looking at myself,



I feel much better.


I drove, got out,


and found myself feeling


July 26, 2010

Today’s Happiness:


Yeah, I knew there is a holiday devoted to mothers, but my mother came over just to spend a few hours with us. We had no plans, just talked about nothing, watched a DVD with the kids, and took them outside to play.

Just spending time with Mom was nice. It was soft and warm and comforting to have her near. She left me feeling good about my house and raising my boys. That’s the best part. So many have moms that like to out our faults or never say they love you or never thank you. to have a satisfying, no-expectations visit is a breath of fresh air.

Who do you shoot-the-breeze with? Who in your life lifts you up, (and maybe needs a little appreciation?)?