War Inside Your Head


For many of my friends, the battle with depression, anxiety, social disorders, and many other mental illnesses is a tough battle. Getting up in the morning is a victory.

For me, I have depressive episodes, mostly all based around perceptions of others opinions and interpretations of their words. I’m getting better at confronting them and asking for explanations, as well as knowing my thoughts and challenging myself to change them and focus on the positive while releasing my emotions through writing. I also ask for hugs and seek out music that speaks to me to help me get through it.

I was always a very easy-going person, but tides have changed and I’ve become more emotional and empathetic, having moodswings that I battle inside. Dealing with these in myself instead of helping others as a voice of calm reason is totally different. I don’t want to listen to myself, but in the end, I’m who I have to live with.

This is by no means comparative to the scale and magnitude of a full-blown mental illness. I offer my support to those whom I converse with who suffer, and I mean suffer, from this incurable disease. It is a disease. It’s not something one word from a friend can cure. It’s not something waking up to a new day can ease. Daily mental anguish is an attack on the body.

I encourage you to fight back. We all have to fight back sometime, maybe a little, maybe a lot. At some point, getting up out of bed or facing the day will be a struggle. No one said life was going to be easy. Be supportive, ask if you can help, ask others to help. Listen. Hear. Fight.

Call the Suicide prevention hotline if you feel you don’t have anyone to talk to. USA 1-800-273-8255


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  1. What a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing it. I’m clinically depressed with anxiety and panic attacks. I unfortunately have called out sick from my former job because of such times that my depression is so bad that I can’t get out of bed. I end up staring at my walls in a silent and catatonic way for hours. It’s such a struggle to smile. If I’m not silent then I cry uncontrollably. It’s my own vicious world. My doctors are wonderful but trying to work it out on my own is like trying to get an elephant off my shoulders. I pray every day for myself and others who go through similar or worse. We all need help at some point. I try my best to post on my site for my own kind of journal. I’m hoping that sharing my views and experiences can help others. Thank you šŸ˜Š

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