Bad Days


Sometimes I have bad days. Maybe something happens at work that makes me feel ashamed, or perhaps a friend breaks a promise to me, crushing my spirits. Despite my emotions, which have me convinced that my life sucks, I know that I’ll ‘shake back’, as my best friend calls it.

Don’t get stuck in a negativity spiral. This is when one negative thought leads to a negative outlook on every aspect of your life. It seems this is easier to do than to see things positively, because there are lots of resources for learning how to think positively. Stop and count one good thing, even if it’s a mediocre thing, and center yourself in the current of negative thoughts and create a calm space. Then look at things through that calmness. List both the pros and cons. Make a decision. Move forward.

Life is about more than bad moments. Life is about making moments, and seeing the good in bad moments might take time, but it’s there, even if it’s small. If you have a lot of bad moments, try to figure out why. Maybe there is something you can change. It starts with you making a decision to try to be more positive.

I am in control at my job, so I get to reevaluate the situations and make them better. I am not in control of my friends, but I can let them know how I feel and if they are good friends, they will understand.

Sometimes we can’t control our feelings. When things get you down, remember that they are not always going to be this way. You can change them for the better.


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