Listen to good ‘ol Abe Lincoln. He was quite a success. He taught himself to read, studied law by candlelight, and freed the slaves of an entire country. Plantation owners hated him. How would they continue to feel good about themselves if they couldn’t subject another race to subservient status? Technology swooped in and created the cotton gin.

The message at church today was about loving your neighbor. People tried to stand up for their neighbors, to promote unity, and others ran over them with their cars. To protest and counter-protest peacefully is one thing, but to resort to violence over a war that was already fought and won, a law already written, is quite another.

Abe Lincoln encouraged us to resolve to succeed, to keep fighting for what we believe in. He did not want us to maintain a society of racism, however. We cannot succeed if we tear others down. We succeed when others lift us up and help us via their means, praise, and admiration. This makes a happier world for us to live in.

Yes, resolve to succeed, but remember to help others, to be kind, and to not tear others down.


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