Get Happy: Day Twenty-Eight

In this series, we will explore finite ways you can achieve personal happiness.

Today we will talk about Worry.

28. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Check yourself, “Will this matter in a year’s time? In a few years?” If the answer is No, then stop worrying about it. Concentrate your energies on things you CAN control.

What has gotten you all worked up? Is it something you can do anything about? Do it. Is it something you can’t control? Is there an aspect of it that will ease the burden?

Do what you can to make the situation better and easier. If it involves helping someone, help if they accept it. If it means you need to cushion the blow from yourself, do it.

You will be happier for having done something than for letting things happen. You can at least try.

If the reason for your worry is completely out of your control and there is nothing you can do, then why are you worrying about it? You are just causing yourself undue anguish. Refocus on things you can control.

The Present is where you are living.


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