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Rough Morning?

This week has been rough, and I needed this message.

Today is a lounge around the house in the pajamas and eat ice cream from the container kind of day. Today is a question-what-it-is-I-am-doing-here kinda day. I feel awash in the sea of life, drifting with the current with no clear direction.

Can someone send me a boat, or an oar, or a stiff breeze to push me to shore? How about a nice sand bar to plant my feet?

I’m going to try to follow this advice and not give up. I will sit back, reassess my goals, figure out where I am, and find my compass to set a new course.

Sunday Prejudice or Conviction?

“The difference between a conviction and a prejudice is that you can explain a conviction without getting angry.” — Anonymous

On this Sunday, I often wonder about this. How do I share my beliefs without facing the big questions like a deer in the headlights? Are my ideas convictions or just prejudices in the guise of convictions?

Just as we all are tempted, all have a viewpoint, and all have convictions, we also all have prejudices. These require identification, isolation, and examination. If we can stand behind them, they become (or always were) convictions. If we find that with investigation they begin to unravel and fizzle, then we may call them prejudices and begin to work to end them in our lives.

Prejudice is ugly.

Love is beautiful.