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Be Your Awesome Self!

I often need to hear this. I put way too much stock in what others think of me.

A stray comment from a troll can ruin my day. Growing a thick skin is hard!

I’ve been listening to my favorite chick rock band and the message is pretty much the same, don’t waste the time you have, be awesome now. You can’t be awesome if you get hung up on moping over what others think. You have to act and be outside of the box.

Do those things that will end in awesomeness.

Be yourself to the utmost today!


Helping Sam

I’m posting this for my friend Sam.

We had a long talk last night.

Sam needed to know someone out there was not so negative, and that smiles would come again.

I helped Sam come up with a plan of action for the next steps to get out of her problem. This was Step One.

She wrote a poem about her feelings and what she learned from our discussion. She writes:

You have shown me one thing,
to trust someone full of dark thoughts
is to trust a snake,
a snake that could bite and poison.

I choose happiness.
I choose love.
For the real winner
is the one that sees it all.

She feels a lot better now, a lot stronger.

Keep Going

I stole this (and many more to come) from Voices In My Head.

I need this.

And if I need this, then I know you do too.

In regards to my housework, writing, job, exercise, and all aspects of my life, I need to hear these ambiguous words of encouragement.

These words remind me to set small goals. I can take small steps, one at a time, to accomplish small goals. When I look back, I will have traveled some distance.

And I will feel proud of myself.

Good Deeds

Today’s small stone is found in the kindness of others.

I bought a some things at the store, the total coming to $23.03. The man in line behind me said “I have a bunch of change to get rid of, I’ll pay her 3 cents.”

It was only 3 small pennies, but any sacrifice made for someone else hardly ever happens nowadays. It’s like the story about good people anonymously paying off the Christmas layaway tabs of struggling parents. That’s who we need to be. Givers. We need to emulate this. If we start giving, sacrificing our pennies, helping our neighbors, then others will see us paying it forward and they will feel that they can do it too.

Maybe we can make the world a slightly better place.

Small Stones: New Life

There is a website that encourages you to investigate and fall in love with a small detail each day and write about it. These moments are called small stones. They are currently running a January blitz. I think this concept fits with this blog, so I am going to post today’s small stone.

Though I had a great day visiting with my family over birthday cake and could pick any moment from that, or perhaps shine a light on the hope a new year brings, I’m choosing to relish the new life I found outside in the doghouse. A stray brindle pit bull has delivered a litter of pups. While I am frustrated because she is a stray, part of me coddles the newborn life in my heart. It is sweet, even if unwanted. Tiny whimpering balls of fur, eyes and ears closed, so cute, yet such a burden. A conundrum, a test of my mettle, I cold or soft hearted?