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Fighting Storms of Life with Love

When the storm clouds of life roll in, know that if you just keep going, you will move past the storm.

Even if you just do mundane tasks to get through the days, anything is better than contemplating ending your chances to see the next sunrise.

I was asked, and linked to a site about, whether I lived meaningfully.

Living with purpose is life’s ultimate goal isn’t it? There are countless websites, books, and videos out there hoping to teach you how to do just that. Because we need to have a purpose, it has become a money maker.

So what’s mine? Love. Pure and simply, as long as I can give and receive love, I’m living with purpose. Sometimes it’s self love; giving myself a pedicure, writing in my journal about my feelings, sitting in a beautiful place and taking time to appreciate it; and sometimes it’s showing love to others; making a phone call, chatting, sending an email, writing a letter, giving a gift, hugging a child, visiting a friend.

The seeds I sow here, in love, hopefully will follow me until I am homebound, bedridden, and solitary so that I will never be alone.