Small Moments of Daily Happiness

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It’s moderately chilly outside, if you’re a polar bear or a penguin.

It’s moderately wet outside, if you live on a houseboat.

Today’s only moderately different from yesterday,

Yet the tiny difference could mean the world.


We’ve had our first snow of the season and then it got really cold! Yes, this is a real picture I took of our snowfall.

Snow puts me in the Christmas spirit though. I associate it with the holiday and want to go shopping, even if I have to bundle up!

Seeing the trees all sparkly and white, fall’s ugly brown all washed way, lifts my spirit.

Freshly fallen snow demands my footprints, but also receives my awe. It is so pretty the way it reshapes the landscape into hills and plains, dunes and valleys. It decorates the trees in coats of white, making each branch stand out and giving a sparkle back to the sun.

The cold air fills my lungs with clean white air, pure and new. Then I shiver and am thankful for the fire and the warm shelter my home provides. I am blessed. Only from inside the warmth of my heart do I feel the need to share the warmth with others.