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Ignorance Is Bliss

I’ve been involved in an argument this week.

The kind of argument that will never be resolved.

Because you are FOR one thing, you are automatically AGAINST another, never half and half. If you choose to listen to both sides, even respect them for what they are, but do nothing, you are taking an apathetic path and are more ignorant than the one who takes a side. If you refuse to get involved you are most ignorant of all.

And the most blissfully happy.

So is it worth the fight?

Not if it means you lose your self-respect. In this case, I gained some. With the acquisition of a backbone came some pride. Yeah, I might trip and fall over my big head, but I shall laugh at myself and enjoy the ride.

BE Happy

Stealing from Alexis Fairfield here:

Have you ever been so excited that you couldn’t contain yourself?  That energy lifts you and compels you to share, to interact, to make contact.

Happiness is the interior decorator of the soul. You design how you feel, how you think, how you are.
People say, “I want to be happy,” but they don’t know how to do it. They try various methods that do everything except make them happy. They fail because they try.
Don’t try to find happiness, just be happy. Trying implies you don’t have it. Being is all encompassing. You are the originator of happiness; the founder, CEO, president and it’s only employee.
If you try to contain happiness to a time period, it will shortchange your experience. Just be happy. Don’t try, just be.
That is most of her post, but it solves my problem. I have not been looking for those happy moments to share here. I have tried too hard.
It is time to BE.
Let go and do something not on your To Do list, not part of your schedule, spontaneous, because you FEEL like it.
Happiness filling you inside?
Thought so.