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Dog Days

Usually those hot, humid summer days where you want to do nothing but lay on a block of ice until it melts are called the Dog Days of summer.

Sleepy dog: 'Ceasar'


And though fall is my favorite time of year, and these temperate afternoons are beautiful weather for outdoor chores, while the chilly mornings are perfect for indoor fires, I’m feeling some Dog Day doldrums.

It turns out, I just haven’t been taking care of myself, emotionally. It sounds whiny, but without the motivation to escape from the role of mother, I’ve dropped below the level where stopping to smell the roses, taking pictures of my dog, or even an hour of watching tv shows only I enjoy can pick me up. Because I regularly insert moments like these into my life, and I still feel depressed, I can safely say that I need a real vacation from everything. No more distractions, no more mothering, no more whiling away hours at the computer; what I need is a job. Ha! A job would bring purpose to my life and get me away from the slovenly and boring lifestyle that I’ve adapted. Even when I’m researching and interacting online, or cleaning house and being Mom, I am still not happy.

What do you do when you need a big change to break up the monotony?

Oct. 7, 2010


Shoes make me happy.

Sore feet are no fun at all.

Shoe shopping may not be snappy,

Especially when going to the mall!

But new shoes make you feel like a million bucks.

Like you’ve been kissed by a million Lady Lucks!

New shoes make me happy.

Make me want to dance.

Whether leather, laces, or something strappy.

Comfortable soles have me entranced.

Maybe it’s a small thing to you,

But to me it’s a dream come true.